Executive Director

Lisa Familo
ext. 403,

Finance Director/Contracts Manager

Gretchen Blevins
ext. 402,

Fiscal Specialist/Benefits Administrator

Carolyn McLelland
ext. 411,

Early Education

Director of Early Education

Bethany Schaefer

Bilingual Education Specialist

Viviana Dorantesd
ext. 408,

Education Specialist

Kim Mitcham
ext. 422,

Education Specialist

Joyce Capps
ext. 427,

Education Specialist

Stephanie Clark
ext. 428,

Child Care Health Consultant

Melissa Jablonski
ext. 414,

Child Care Solutions

Director of Child Care Solutions/Program Director

Lisa Pullis
ext. 412,

Region 9 Professional Development Coordinator

Shaina Pearce
ext. 405,

Referral Specialist

Christen Fries
ext. 406,

Region 9 Behavioral Specialist

Michelle Boyles
Work Cell 704-929-3980,

Region 9 Infant/Toddler Specialist

Alicia Shell
Work Cell 704-929-4259,

Family Support Services

Director of Family Support Services

Marnie Reber
ext. 409,

Parent Educator

Silvia Plaza-Garcia
ext. 426,

Parent Educator

Joanne Rogers
ext. 424,

Parent Educator/Together Time Playgroup Facilitator

Shelby Hamm
ext. 425,                                                                                                                                              

Early Learning Resource Center Coordinator

Glenda Lambert
ext. 416,

Program Assistant

Sydney Austin
ext. 401, 

Early Literacy Coordinator

Taketha Norman                                                                                                                                        

Community Education/Public Awareness Coordinator

Candice Dimmette                                                                                                                                         ext. 410,